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Your employees deserve more than just online learnings. Let us help you accelerate your people development agenda and transform your company’s knowledge-sharing culture.

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Be the company of choice by giving your people access to quality mentorship


Why work with Mentor Inc.?

Our products are designed to suit different use cases: onboarding new joiners, retaining top talent, or even accelarating diversity & inclusion agendas. We can help you structure the right solutions and provide meaningful insights.

  • Curriculum Structuring

    Our flexible curriculum aims to assist mentor and mentee in maximizing each mentoring session by providing structure and guidance

    Curriculum Structuring
  • Measure The Progress

    The dashboard provides an overview of the program in a simple, easy-to-read format, providing visibility for the program managers

    Measure The Progress
  • Access Experienced Professionals

    Gain insights from experts in various industries as mentors for your corporate mentoring program

    Access Experienced Professionals
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