Cara Mendapatkan Penghasilan Tambahan dengan Menulis Konten (Content Writer)

Cara Mendapatkan Penghasilan Tambahan dengan Menulis Konten (Content Writer)

This booklet is like a friendly roadmap for anyone who dreams of becoming a successful content writer. It starts with explaining what a content writer does in the online world and then goes on to show how to create an impressive portfolio. The booklet gives easy, practical steps for getting started and growing in the competitive field of content writing. With helpful tips on creative writing and smart strategies to land your first content writing job, this booklet gives you all the knowledge you need to do well in this job and earn some extra money. It's like having a friendly mentor guiding you toward success in the world of writing!

Date published: 10/27/2023
Adila Nur Azizah
Adila Nur Azizah Social Media Specialist & Content Writer

What you will get:

  • checkBooklet
  • check17 Pages

What you will learn:

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    Understanding the role of a content writer
  • check
    Building an attractive and professional portfolio
  • check
    Practical steps to kick-start your writing career
  • check
    Creative tips for writing engaging content
  • check
    Effective strategies to land your first job


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