Rebuild Your Career After a Career Break

Rebuild Your Career After a Career Break

This booklet is dedicated to resilient women who've taken career breaks and now seek to re-enter the professional world. It offers guidance for navigating the challenges and uncertainties that come with returning to the workforce. Recognizing the transformative potential of career breaks, it emphasizes personal growth and self-discovery during these pauses. The booklet provides practical strategies, empowering advice, and a sense of solidarity tailored to the unique challenges faced by women after a career break. It aims to equip women with the tools and insights needed to successfully rebuild their careers, emphasizing the importance of pursuing one's professional dreams. Together, let us embark on a journey of rediscovery, growth, and empowerment, using this booklet as a trusted companion to fulfill career aspirations after a career break.

Date published: 9/26/2023
Mustika Indah Wardani
Mustika Indah WardaniLearning & Development Mentor and Career Consultant

What you will get:

  • check37-pages
  • checkPDF Booklet
  • checkTips pengembangan karier

What you will learn:

  • check
    A Deep Understanding of Career Breaks
  • check
    Utilizing Career Break Time for Professional Growth
  • check
    A Practical Guide for Returning to Work after a Career Break
  • check
    Navigating the Transition from Career Break to Returning to Work
  • check
    Achieving Success in Your New Career Phase


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